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When you shop here, my goal for you as a customer, is that you would receive professional and honest service with a down-home feel.  My favorite part of buying and selling used flutes (besides getting to test all of these fine instruments) is having the privilege of  "meeting" so many flutists around the world, from beginners to professionals alike.

It is always my pleasure to help in any way I can, whether or not you buy a flute or piccolo from me.  Many folks email or call just to discuss the process of buying a used flute, and to better understand how to choose one that is a good fit for them.

Every flute for sale on this site has been carefully hand-picked from a rather large sea of used flutes for sale around the US, so that all that you see for sale here are among the best of 'em. With only a few exceptions, all of the flutes have gone through the hands of my experienced repairman, and have been adjusted and repaired as necessary, then thoroughly play-tested by me before being put up for sale*.  I'm very picky about quality!

Please come on in, and take a look around...

Thanks for stopping by,

Fort Collins, Colorado

P.S.:  If you're on a tight budget, be sure to ask me how I can help.

*From time to time there may be a higher-end flute on consignment that is very high quality, but may need some repair.  If this is true, I will say so.  You will always know what you are getting!

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