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Flute Trial

"Susan was a pleasure to work with, from the start to finish!  I called about a pre-owned Brannen flute on her site, and she had it in the mail to Louisiana the very next day for a trial.  The flute arrived in perfect condition-meticulously maintained and recently serviced.  You can tell that she understands the arduous process of finding the right instrument as a professional flutist; I never felt pressured to purchase or to make a quick decision.  In fact, she offered a generous trial period and even extended it when I needed more time!  She also offers competitive pricing---some of the best I've found in the US.

In the end, I ended up choosing another flute that I was trialing from a different company, but the one from Flutastic was a close runner-up.  Susan was genuinely happy for me that I'd found the right match.  It felt like I was working with a close colleague rather than a salesperson...what more could you ask for?  A truly delightful experience all-around.  Thank you Susan---you are a gem!"

Malanie Lancon
Principal Flute, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
New Zealand


---"Susan is "flutastic" to work with!  I am thrilled to have bought a Prima Sankyo flute from her.  She answered my questions, gave me extra trial time with the flute and told me she is very happy for me.

And I am very happy to highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase a flute to contact Susan.  She is a role model for how customer service is supposed to happen.

Thank you Susan!

Karen Shor
Durham, New Hampshire

---"I would like to recommend Susan if you are looking for a flute.  She made the time to let me try out a wide variety of flutes, which was extremely helpful in finding one that played well for me (not all did!).  She is willing to share her extensive flute experience without any pressure to buy something.  I ultimately bought a Di Zhao flute which I am very happy with.  All in all, a very good experience!

Rob Forbes

Boulder, CO

Di Zhao Bass Flute

---"You won't find anyone more attentive to customer satisfaction than Susan!  She is a professional who will listen to your needs, provide you with great information, and follow up to be absolutely certain you are satisfied.  I absolutely love my Di Zhao bass flute, and even more, I'm a customer for life.  You will be very pleased to work with Susan for your next flute."

Pam B.

Fort Collins, CO

Di Zhao DZ200 COA w/ B Foot


What a difference.  I immediately noticed less air pressure was required.  I can hit my harmonics much easier.

It is LOUD.The low C is incredibly easy to hit.

The middle register notes don't crack because less air is required.

The keys are silky and smooth.

The mouthpiece is very comfortable.

and - BONUS!!!!! - I got a b foot.

This is definitely the flute for beginners and intermediates.

The flute builds confidence in your own abilities.

What a joy to play. I am so glad I found Flutastic!

Susan, you have been great to deal with.

I am writing to Di Zhao Flutes to thank them as well.

Jim Day

Palm Bay, FL

Sonare 601 Flute

 ---"My name is Carlos Gonzalez and I bought my first flute from Susan .  Since then it has been 18 months.  I'm am really happy I purchased my flute from her.  After 12 months of continuously playing 2-4 hours a day, my only service was an annual COA.  Thank you very much for selling me a beautiful flute that works well for me.  Next time when I'm ready to buy another flute, I will buy from you."

Staying warm in Alaska :-) Carlos

Artley Wilkins Flute

 ---"I highly recommend doing business with Flutastic.  They have a one-week trial program where they will send out the flute with a reaonable deposit.  After receiving the carefully packaged flute by FedEx today, I played if for just a few minutes, and I knew right away that I wanted to purchase it. The flute was reaonably priced.  Susan sent it to the repair technician for a final tweaking before sending it out to me (even though the flute was fully resored at the they it was listed a few months ago).  I can attest that my newly acquired flute is in excellent shape and playinig condition and I love the tone in all 3 registers.  I especially enjoyed listening to the recordings of this flute that Susan and her daughter taped, available on their webiste and also on Youtube.  I purchased this flute through the Paypal Credit program with an automatic payment option, and will make monthly payments over a 6-month period with no interest.  Susan walked me through the process of setting up this payment option.  If you are looking for a high quality used flute, you will enjoy doing business with Susan at Flutastic!  I endorse this business and give it a 5 star rating!

Caroline HD
Federal Way, WA

Pearl PF-501 Flute

Wow!  The flute sounds amazing, has a beautiful sound and good resonance.  Thank you! I'm grateful because the flute has been excellently maintained."

Jose Francisco Urriola Castro

Di Zhao DZ700 Flute

I was SO happy to pass along your name!  You were a wonderful experience with a dealer and frankly--that is hard to find these days.  Good old fashioned service and honesty deserves the HIGHEST recommendation in my book!"

Nina Epperson   
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Yamaha YHR-664 French Horn

 ---"Hi Susan,
The horn arrived two days ago.  It's beautiful and plays beautifully too.  I'm going to keep it, of course, as I'm very happy with the quality, condition and price--and would feel very confident about ordering another one from you in the future."

Jim Doherty   
Columbus, Ohio

Yamaha 361 Flute

--"Hello Susan,
The flute is everything advertised.  Very, very nice.  My wife loves it--the tone and ease of play are amazing.  I get to play along on my guitar.  A great add to our fun.  Thanks!

Manuel LaPorte
Corvallis, Oregon

Bass Flute Sold on Consignment
Headjoint Purchase

--"I highly recommend Susan at Flutastic.  Susan has connections in the flute world to make your purchase, consignment, repair, etc., beyond success!  Susan is friendly, genuine, and aggressive in getting your business taken care of.  I have never received such professional services in the flute world as I have with Flutastic.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional flutist looking for a top-shelf flute, I would highly recommend that you give Susan your first priority and trust. Flutastic rocks!"

Danny Arnette  
Goldsboro, North Carolina

Di Zhao DZ700 Flute

--"How do you find a good flute?  Specifically, how do you find YOUR flute?  I have been playing one of the major makes of flute for the last 35 years.  During that time I read about all the research that had been addressing things like scale, tone and all the rest.  It seemed a good time to try a new flute. But with so many old makers, and so many new ones, how do you test them all?  In the midst of my dilemma, I spotted an ad for Flutastic in Flute Talk Magazine.  It took only a phone call to Susan,. the owner of Flutastic, to get all the answers I wanted.  Susan is an accomplished flutist with an encyclopedic knowledge of the world of flutes.  Ask any question of her and the answer is direct,  precise, to the point.  Just a look at Flutastic's internet site reveals the enviable stock of flutes Susan keeps on hand. And she is remarkably accommodating, allowing you to test flutes as you desire in any make or level.  I bought a Di Zhao flute from her because I loved its sound.  Later a friend who is a university professor of flute told me that Di Zhao is one of the "great" (her word) new flutemakers and that her students bought Di Zhao flutes more than any other make.  I think that's how you find YOUR flute.  Obviously."

Martin Nabut
Greenville, North Carolina

Altus 11075R Flute

--"Being a flute student from Costa Rica, I don't often have the opportunity to even buy music.  So you can imagine how hard it could be for us to buy a flute!  On top of that this was my first time buying a second-hand flute overseas and online.  So I had my doubts.

Anyway, I decided to give it a try with Flutastic and it was one of the most incredible experiences that I ever had as a customer.  Not only the excellent service that was provided by Susan, but because of the confidence this company has to offer the customer.  The customer service was impeccable and the final result was incredible!  The flute arrived in perfect condition and everything was as shown on the website.  Excellent and recommended!"

Rodolfo Montero
Costa Rica

Di Zhao Bass Flute

--"While I may sound a bit "over the top" in my recommendation of Susan and her business, Flutastic, my experience dealing with her was truly superb.  I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to her for her outstanding service, so I volunteered to write a testimonial for her, something I rarely do but felt that in this case she deserved my strongest recommendation.

In a Google search for a slightly-used Di Zhao bass flute, I happened upon Flutastic's website.  Not having heard of this business, I proceeded with some caution, but became rapidly convinced by Susan's responsiveness, manner, and knowledge that she was indeed trustworthy.  That initial impression was confirmed throughout the entire process, as Susan truly excelled every step of the way.  From her initial description of the flute, to her quick responses to my many questions (both by email and by phone), to her working with me to make sure that the flute did not arrive while I was out of town, to her willingness to deal with a minor technical issue with the flute, she showed herself to be responsive, diligent, fair, and caring about her customer as much as about making a sale.  She really went the extra mile to deal with the technical issue with the flute, even contacting Di Zhao himself; and she then followed through by talking with two other instrument technicians.  We eventually resolved the issue by my local technician making a minor repair to the flute, for which Susan paid.  Wow!  I can only wish that every internet buying experience were this good.  It's too bad that I don't buy flutes very often, as I would certainly look forward to dealing with Susan again."

Deborah Hazel Johnson
Silver Spring, MD

Eppler Flute Sold on Consignment

--"Susan and Flutastic are just that---Fantastic!  I've sold another flute online in the past and it was a good experience.  However, what made this time-around different was the outstanding communication on a very constant basis from Susan.  She ensures that both the seller and the buyer have the very best information about the quality of the instrument, and its condition, for the very best transaction possible.  Susan went above-and-beyond in my opinion.  I just wished that I had another flute to sell!   And fast.  I realize that doesn't always happen, but this process happened very quickly.  I was so impressed.  Bottom line is this:  Susan and Flutastic are outstanding.  Hat off.  Bowing from my waist.  I highly recommend her!"
Peter Ceccarelli
Kirkland, WA

Miyazawa BR-402 Flute Sold on Consignment

--" Hi Susan,
The check arrived today and I deposited it today! Thank you so much for selling my flute so well. I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into getting it sold. So glad we chose you for this!

Thank you again and a million times. You were so great to work with.
God bless you! "

Dylan Stubblefield
Wrightwood, CA

Yamaha 581 - Gold-plated Flute
Yamaha 684 Heavy Wall

--"It was such a fun experience shopping for flutes with Flutastic that I am now a repeat customer!   Susan is honest, knowledgable and willing to work with customers individually.  I would like to say "thank you" Susan, for allowing me to bring beautiful instruments to my home and "test drive" them before making a financial commitment.  It is this type of practice that lets an "old flute diva" like me know that I could be confident in the products that Flutastic advertises.  In fact, I felt in my heart that I would love both the instruments she sent my way before they even got to me!"

Beth Harville
Band Director and Private Lessons since 1986
Azle, Texas

Rigoutat Professional Oboe Sold on Consignment

---"I thought about selling my beautiful 10-year-old professional oboe myself on Ebay or the internet, but didn't have the computer know-how or the musical expertise required.  The oboe had sat unused for several years when I heard about Susan and Flutastic.  Susan has the skills and experience I lack, as well as the connections to other professionals enlarging the scope of possiblities for a sale.  Susan walked me through every step of the process, kept me up-to-date on where we were and found a buyer who was willing to pay an honest price.  If I hadn't entrusted the sale of my oboe to Susan, it would still be sitting unused in a closet at home.  Now I know that it is being cherished by a young and aspiring musician!

Thanks, Susan!"

Marti Mylin
Leojac, France

Armstrong Heritage Flute

---"I live in a small coastal town.  It is a three-hour drive to the nearest music shop, so I decided to go online. I saw many sites for flutes, but Susan's Flutastic site was the only that gave excellent descriptions of the flutes. As I had no way of trying out the Armstrong Heritage, I put my faith in Susan who answered  all of my questions straight up. I have been playing reeds for a long time and I sensed that Susan was a very honest person and knows her flutes. The date for its arriving was spot on. The flute left the States on a Friday afternoon and I was playing it by 7:30 am the next Thursday. The flute was just as described and yes, it is a really nice instrument to play. The guys in my group certainly think so too." 

Gerry Foster
Kianga, New South Wales

General Review

---"While searching the Internet for a specific flute head joint, I came across Flutastic!  As luck would have it, Flutastic! is located in the same town my parents live in, so while on a summer visit I stopped by to try a flute or two.  Susan is a consummate professional.  Her instrument stock is well-cared for and, if not in fine condition when she receives it, she  makes certain to work with her technician in order to bring the instrument up to her exacting standards before she puts it on the market.
  I did not end up buying anything during that initial visit, but since then I have purchased a head joint and a flute.  This has meant shipping a couple of orders to me so that I could test instruments.  The instruments arrive when Susan says they will and she remains accessible and helpful throughout the process.  I am very happy with my purchases.  Susan is also helping me find a very specific instrument.  It is an ongoing process and she is always patient, kind and helpful which compliments her extensive knowledge perfectly."

Thank you, Susan, thank you, Flutastic!"

Linda Doughty
Oro Valley, Arizona

Brannen Flute Sold on Consignment

---"I have nothing but FANTASTIC things to say about Susan and Flutastic!  I am not exaggerating when I say that every single step of the process with Susan was easier than I was anticipating.

She is very communicative--she would respond to all of my emails within a day (often times within the hour) and also took the initiative to keep me informed of all the happenings and whereabouts of my flute even when I didn't ask.  Susan consistently wrote and/or called to make sure that she had my full consent before making any decision (regarding pricing, repair options, etc.).  She was always clear and straightforward while being very kind and friendly at the same time.

It was clear from the beginning that Susan understood that she was dealing with a very precious item and that she took that responsibility seriously.  I felt extra assured by the fact that the flute was insured through her while in her possession.

Furthermore, now I can say for certain that Susan is knowledgable about the market, because she suggested a price that allowed my flute to sell much more quickly AND for a higher price than I was expecting.  It really doesn't get any better than that!

If you can't already tell, I'll say it one more time:  I am thrilled with Susan and Flutastic!  How lucky am I to have found her."

Falls Church, VA

Buffet R13 Professional Clarinet

---"Susan was great to work with during the process of purchasing my R-13 clarinet.  She was very prompt when responding to e-mails/questions and returning phone calls, and worked hard to find multiple instruments for me to test so that I could choose the specific instrument that I wanted to purchase.

I would highly recommend purchasing any instrument from Flutastic! and from Susan."

Andrew Stonerock
Professor of Saxophone - Casper College
Casper, Wyoming

Brannen Cooper Silver Brogger Mekanik Flute

I will recommend you highly and I thank you for your time and patience as I was purchasing this wonderful flute.  I am glad that there are honest people like you selling top quality professional flutes.  It has been such a pleasure to do business with you."

Fairfax, Virginia

Yamaha YCL 20 Clarinet

---"We received the clarinet yesterday and my daughter loves it.  It arrived in excellent condition.  Thanks so much for all your help.  We'll be happy to recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase quality instruments with the peace of mind of not being ripped off.

Thanks again,"

Sherry Webster
Holly Springs, North Carolina

Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute

---"I just wanted to thank you again for an affordable, easy purchase. My husband showed the flute to our daughter's band instructor and it is a more than acceptable instrument with which to begin lessons. Having no real knowledge of musical instruments, I was hesitant to try to find a reputable dealer online. Your site and quality merchandise, however, put me at ease. We will be keeping the flute and look forward to hearing our daughter play it."

Rachel Green

Clarksville, Arkansas

Gemeinhardt M3S Sold On Consignment

Susan sold my flute on consignment.  I knew my flute was in excellent condition. Yet, after she explained what high standards she required, I had my flute checked again before sending it to her.  Susan is a wonderful communicator and she was in constant contact with me throughout the sales process.  I would recommend Flutastic to anyone wanting to sell an instrument."

Alison L.
Boise, Idaho

Di Zhao 600 Flute

---"Dear Susan,

I want to thank you for the brilliant experience I had in purchasing my new flute from you.  I haven't played in 25 years and was nervous about the idea of buying a new, much better flute, online - especially since 2 flutes of the same brand and model can sound very different from one another. However, because you sent recordings of each flute I was interested in, I was able to narrow down my choices quickly and with confidence; and your patience in answering my endless questions after I finally narrowed down my decision to 2 flutes is what made my final decision the absolute right one for me.

I am in love with my Di Zhao 600!  It plays so beautifully and is even better than I could have hoped! I play daily and take joy in every single note played.  You are the reason that this flute is so perfect for me.

I've already recommended you to one friend who is in the market for a new flute, and will happily continue to do so.

Thank you again,"


Haynes Handmade Professional Flute
I really like the flute, thank you very much.  It appears beautiful and sounds excellent. This is what I have been searching for.  I know I will keep and play it for my life time.  I am not a kind of flute collector, but I hope I have a chance to buy another one from you again in the future."

Tokyo, Japan

Yamaha Professional Flute Sold On Consignment

----"Hey Susan...Great news!!  I got the check!!!!  Thanks so much.  You did such a great job and I am so happy.  Wish I had more flutes to sell :) ".
Stephanie Logan
Columbia, Missouri

Yamaha 221 Flute
----"I got my flute and I was like a child on Christmas Day!  I haven't picked up a flute in over 35 years and the joy of making my first tone again is indescribable.  Susan was so knowledgeable about what might work for me.  She gave me great advice without any expectation that I would buy from her.  She held my hand throughout the whole process.  Her honesty, integrity and personable nature were matched equally by her prompt service (I am convinced she sleeps by her computer!).  If you're looking for a flute, call Susan!  It was the smartest thing I did!  Thanks, Susan, for reconnecting a stressed-out middle-aged doctor with her high school band instrument!  It's like finding a long lost friend!"
Kamloops, BC, Canada

Yamaha 381 Flute
----"Hi Susan :-), The flute arrived on Thursday and it is absolutely fabulous.  Great sound and in very good condition, just like you said.  Thank you so much.  Excellent service."

Sara Dogg Gylfadottir
Keflavik, Iceland

Gemeinhardt 4PSH Piccolo

---"Hi Susan, my piccolo arrived safely and I am very happy with it. It plays as well as the new one I was testing from Woodwind and Brasswind.  Thank you for sending me an instrument that is truly as you described it. I appreciate the honesty and integrity with which you offer instruments that work well at fair prices.  Thank you."

Shelley Sparks  

---"Just talked with Sarah today, and she is real happy with the flute!!  Thank you again for your prompt and friendly service and quality product!  She's already tested it and loves it!"

Deb V. 
Brighton, Colorado

----"At The Repair Shop, we have had the pleasure of working with Susan over the years, since the time she began Flutastic.  It is so nice to work with someone who shares similar standards and ethics.  She always wants it right, and is willing to pay for it to be right.  She understands the need for an instrument to function as easily as possible for a beginner, and as perfectly as possible for the advanced player. "
Jana Thomas
The Repair Shop
Fort Collins, CO

 Jack Moore Flute

----  "I have bought a flute from Flutastic, and felt that I should write something here.
 Susan was very kind and straightforward with everything, making me feel safe from the very start. She described the condition of the instrument and how it felt when she played it.  When the deal was made, she assured me that I could send it back if I wasn't happy.  She then gave me the date that the flute would arrive.  Everything happened as she told me, but I must say that I had a surprise with the purchase:  THE FLUTE WAS MUCH BETTER THAN I HAD EXPECTED!  I will always keep my eye on what she has in stock and would recommend it to my colleagues to do so.

Thanks again, Susan."

Marcelo Barboza
Principal Flute, Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra

Yamaha 471 Allegro Flute

----"The flute arrived today.  It is absolutely perfect, and my daughter loves it.  Thank you so much for a smooth and satisfying transaction.

By the way, my daughter's music teacher tried her flute and she called it 'spectacular'".

Westport, CT

Becker Violin

--"Hey Susan, 

We've been very happy with the violin.  It was just the starter model that I was hoping for. I really appreciate your quick responses to my emails and phone calls, and your knowledge of the instruments, and mostly how nice you were about trying to answer my questions and bringing me into your house and introducing you to your family, as you thought they might help me out as well.  It was a good shopping experience, and my wife and I have already had hours of fun with the violin as well.


Justin N.
Fort Collins, CO

Conn Trombone

---"Good customer service and friendly.  Susan was willing to work with me to find a trombone that fit within the budget, and we ended up with a great instrument at a great price."  

Tiffany M.
Cheyenne, Wyoming

----"When we recently began looking for a step-up flute for our 12 year old daughter, we were fortunate to stumble across Flutastic.  Susan went above and beyond to help us in our selection process.  I truly felt like she treated us just as she would have her own family. My daughter is thrilled with her new flute and we are thrilled with the quality.  Anyone who purchases from Susan can rest assured that they are getting the best product and service possible."

Christy Kian 
Boca Raton, Florida

 Drelinger UpRite Headjoint Sold On Consignment:

----"I got the check in the mail yesterday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know."

Jamie Wheelock
Sterling, Colorado

----"Flutastic is recommended with pride and confidence by me. I found Susan through an online search and contacted her with all the questions a beginning flute player might have. Susan took the time via email and phone to answer all my questions and gave her insights as an experienced flutist, teacher and flute restorer. The flute chosen was delivered as promised and with guarantee of my satisfaction. Susan's follow up after the purchase was most appreciated and reminded me that I made a good choice. I could not be happier with my purchase and overall experience."

Christina Miller
Colorado Springs, CO

Azumi 2000 Flute

---"I got in touch with Susan from an online ad for a flute I was looking for. From the beginning of our communication, I found her to be very honest and extremely helpful, going the extra mile to ensure that I know all about the item I was planning to purchase and that it was accurately represented. She even did a recording of a flute test to let me hear and see the tone and response of the flute I was considering. Her responses were always prompt and her good communication gave me the confidence to purchase from her even though I live on the other side of the globe. The flute arrived promptly and well-packed, and I am very satisfied with the purchase and with Susan's service. Her post-sales communication has been very good too. It has been a pleasure doing business with her.


Yamaha 381 Flute

----"We ordered a  flute and it arrived in great condition. Our daughter noticed a big difference in tone, clarity and overall playability.  It's a big win! Susan made the transaction so easy and professional.  We look forward to years of enjoying hearing our daughter play!"

Kalispell, Montana

Powell Conservatory Flute Sold on Consignment:

---"Selling a high end flute is high end business, and working with Susan was fabulous!  I experienced her as extremely responsible, reliable and conscientious.  Whenever an important decision was necessary, she contacted me by phone.  As time went by and we got to know each other better, we exchanged emails to arrive at a consensus on questions that came up with prospective buyers.

In the end, we were successful in selling the flute to a buyer who truly valued and appreciated the quality and beautiful tone of the instrument.  We had achieved our goal.

I am glad to have chosen Susan as my consignment seller.  I can only highly recommend her to anyone who chooses to sell a flute by consignment.
I don't think I would have been successful without her."

Joy Hansen
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yamaha 221

---"Since I do not know anything about flutes, it was so helpful to be able to buy a flute from Susan.  I know I can trust that the flute we have is of a good quality.  Trying to find a used flute on my own would have taken a lot of time.  The price was very reasonable and Susan has given us a lot of tips on how to keep it in good playable condition."

Loveland, Colorado  

Gemeinhardt 2SP

----“Buying a flute from Susan was easy and very cost effective.  We purchased a high quality flute for less than some other band students paid for a year in the rental program.” 

Chris Turner
Estes Park, Colorado

Vintage Yamaha Flute w/ Silver Head

----"We got the flute today, and our daughter is thrilled with it!  We will be telling others about your service.  Thanks again for everything."

Aurora, Colorado

Yamaha 481 Flute
----"Thank you for sending me the flute.  It looks brand new, and plays beautifully.
I don't think I will even need the seven-day trial since I am very satisfied with my purch

Thank you again!"

Laurens, New York

Powell Conservatory Flute

---" I just wanted to let you know that the (Powell) flute arrived in mint condition, and plays like a dream!  I believe this is the last flute I will ever buy".

Chris Midha
Rolla, Missouri 
Gemeinhardt Piccolo

---"Susan was a pleasure to work with and made the daunting task of purchasing a piccolo for our daughter very easy.  More than anything, she wanted to be sure that we purchased the right piccolo that wouldn't require a lot of expensive repairs.  We appreciated that she was more concerned with us getting the right piccolo than buying from her.  She would have been happy if we found something else that worked for us even if it meant not purchasing from her.  That spoke volumes to us.  We placed our order on a Thursday, and the piccolo arrived on Friday.  By that afternoon, our daughter had learned the CU Fight Song!  Go Buffs!"

Keystone, Colorado

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