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----"I have bought a flute from Flutastic, and I felt that I should write something here.  Susan was very kind and straightforward with everything, making me feel very safe from the start.  She described the condition of the instrument and how if felt when she played it.  When the deal was made, she assured me I could send it back if I wasn't happy.  She then gave me the date that the flute would arrive.  Everything happened as she told me, but I must say that I had a surprise with my purchase:  THE FLUTE WAS MUCH BETTER THAN EXPECTED!  I will always keep my eye on what she has in stock, and would recommend it to my colleagues to do so as well."

Marcelo Barboza
Principal Flute, Sao Paulo Symphony

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I have been a flutist/teacher for over thirty years and have a master's degree in flute performance. In my experience, roughly nineteen out of twenty used flutes on the market need repairs in order to play well, or to even play at all (did you know that if you happen to buy a flute that has worn-out pads, it can cost between $150-$450 to have a complete re-pad job done correctly on a student flute, and much more than that on an open-hole model?).  Some repair technicians charge less, but I find that many don't do the job correctly, and the flutes don't end up playing well.  That's why my prices are a little higher than some.  I pay my repair technician well to do the job right (it can be tedious work).  

All flutes for sale on this site have good pads that seal well, and have life left in them (unless stated otherwise). Even if a flute looks shiny and new, it can be costly to get it in good working order.  This is why I began to search high and low for top-quality instruments, and sell them at reasonable prices.  Unless stated otherwise, all of the flutes I sell are guaranteed to play with ease in all ranges, have been repaired/adjusted by my trusted repairman as necessary, and are ready to play (a few of the high-end flutes on consignment may need minor repairs and will be sold as-is.  I will say so if this is the case, so that you know what you're getting)!  All are quality brands.  I do not sell the cheap brands or the fake "Yamahas" found on ebay.  Many people who buy from me do so because they have gotten a "lemon" somewhere else.

A flute can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. via UPS or FedEx with insurance and tracking.  Generally, shipping is around $15 within the state of Colorado, and between $20 and $25 (more for Hawaii and Alaska or outside the U.S.).  Shipping is based on weight, and will be more for heavier band instruments, or for more than one flute.  Please call if you would like to have your instrument shipped outside the U.S. or Canada.

Credit card payments by phone are welcome.

I also accept cash/credit cards through paypal.  This can be done through the shopping cart on this site.  

Personal checks and Bank Issued Checks are also accepted.  No Money Orders please! You can make arrangements by phone (see number below). I will wait for the check  to clear before shipping the flute.




Please feel free to email, or call (970) 689-5671 with any questions, seven days a week.


**Returns must be made within seven days of receiving the flute for full money back guarantee, and the flute must be in the same condition as when it left my hands.  Any damage to the instrument is the buyer's responsibility.  Buyer pays shipping.
**Trial period is seven days. A deposit is required. The flute will be shipped back to me on the seventh business day, and must be in the same condition as when it left my hands.  Any damage is the buyer's responsibility.  Buyer pays shipping.
**Free Layaway--The total purchase price can be divided into three monthly payments, and the flute will be shipped immediately after the last payment has been made.

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