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SOLD - Yamaha 361 Flute w/ Gold Lip (used) - Excellent!


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I recently bought this flute from a woman who took very good care of it.  It has just been through the hands of my trusted repair tech. and is in excellent condition, including the pads.  It plays beautifully and evenly from low to high with a light touch.  The response (how crisply and easily each note "speaks" on a rapidly tongued passage) is excellent.

It would make a lovely step-up flute for an advancing student.
-Sterling Silver Head
-Silver plated Body and Foot
-Gold-plated Lip Plate
-Open Holes
- Offset G
-B Foot w/ gizmo
Comes with the original Yamaha hardshell case, removable holes for the plugs, and a cleaning rod.
Price Comparison:
This flute sells new, with the extras (gold lip and b foot) at on-line discounters for $1259.  Asking $800 plus shipping.

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Sell Price: $800.00

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