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SOLD-Haynes Commercial "Golden Age" Model (1950)- Offset G, C Foot, Refurbished with New Pads


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Mid to Low Registers

History and Condition:
This beautiful vintage handmade professional flute was made during the beginning of the Golden Age in 1950 (serial # 21259). 

It is clean, has all new pads, and is a very nice instrument.

For it's age, it is in excellent used condition, showing the expected light-moderate wear from use over time.  There are a few light/minor surface scuffs/nicks here and there that can be seen when it's turned in various angles in good lighting. 

Comes with a new Northwind case, made to look as close to the original as possible. 

Beautiful!  This flute plays better than others like it that have gone through my hands.  It has the unique "Haynes sound", but is fuller and more colorful than some of its counterparts.

About the "Golden Age":
All handmade Haynes flutes have always been high quality.  However, during the Golden Age (1950's and 1960's), fewer flutes were made than in the 70's, and extra attention was given to detail. See below the number of flutes made per year at Haynes (all were handmade, including the commercial model):

1950's-1960's - 500 - 600 flutes per year

1970's - 900 - 1000 flutes per year

Presently, no more than 110 handmade Haynes flutes are made per year.

In other words, the few flutes made per year, the more attention given to each one.

Specs for This Flute:
-1950 Commercial Model (the commercial models were also handmade)
-Sterling Silver Head, Body, Foot, Keys and Mechanism
-Plateau Keys
-Y Arms
-Offset- G
-.016 " or .018" wall thickness
-Adjustment Screws
-Drawn Toneholes
-C Foot

The flute comes with a new Northwind case, made to look as close to the original as possible.  Also included is a cleaning rod.

Just for interest sake, the replacement value on this flute is $9100 for a current commercial model. 

Asking $2300.00 plus reasonable shipping fee.  

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Sell Price: $2,300.00

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