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SOLD-Gemeinhardt M3 (similar to 3SH) - Excellent!


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This is an excellent vintage flute (Made in the US (!)) that was extremely well-cared for, and is in excellent used condition (newer Gemeinhardts are not as good quality as the older ones).   It has recently been professionally serviced, and plays beautifully in all registers.

Solid Silver Head
C Foot
In-line G

Comes with hardshell case, outer carrying case (both in excellent condition), cleaning rod, and removable plugs for the holes.

I find that many older Gemeinhardts sound a bit stuffy.  But this one is an exception, as it has a lovely sound throughout all ranges, and plays with ease.  The response is also very good.

Price Comparison:
There is not an exact equivalent to compare to, but the later model Gemeinhardt 3SH comes close.  It sells new at on-line discounters for just under $1000.  Asking $450 plus reasonable shipping fee..

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Sell Price: $450.00

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