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SOLD-Powell Sonare PS51K w/ Aurumite Lip (New) - Beautiful Warm Tone! Offset G, Split-E, Pointed Arms, B Foot


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About This Flute:
This is a brand new flute.  As with all new flutes that I sell, this has been through the hands of my tech. to make sure it's set up properly.  I have also thoroughly play-tested it, and it plays evenly and beautifully in all registers.

Why Closed-Holes on an Intermediate Flute?
Open-hole flutes have become a fad in the US, while many Europeans request closed-holes.  Even though my handmade Powell flute is open-hole, I end up plugging the holes most of the time, and have changed over time to prefer closed-hole flutes.  After playing many different kinds of flutes, I and others believe that there are only two benefits to open-holes:  1.  They encourage correct hand position, and 2.  They are useful when playing music with half-tones, or notes that require sliding up or down to the next note (such as Celtic music).  Since I play primarily classical music, I don't miss the open-hole flute at all.  In fact, since I'm not trying to cover the holes, my technique and response is cleaner than it used to be.
I have played on a Powell Custom Handmade flute since the 1980's.  The Powell headjoint on the Sonare flutes gives them the gorgeous Powell sound, while keeping them within an affordable price range.  It is said that over 50% of the sound is made in the headjoint, so if you want a Powell sound without breaking your pocket-book, this is a great way to go!
-Sterling Silver Powell Signature II Headjoint
-Silver plated Body, Foot and Mechanism
-Open Holes
-Offset G
-Split E
-B Foot w/ gizmo
-Powell Scale A=442 
$1812 includes the Aurumite lip.  
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Sell Price: $1,812.00

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