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SOLD-Samperi Intermediate Flute (Spectrum)(New) - Silver Headjoint, Offset G, B foot

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This nearly new flute (went out on trial one time) was made in the Haynes factory and finished in the US.  Plays nicely and is excellent qualilty.  My tech. made some upgrades and adjustments, and it is ready-to-go!

-.925 silver handcut headjoint
-silver-plated body and foot
-offset g
-y arms
-drawn tone holes
-b foot
-d# roller

Comes with a hardshell slimline case and an outer carrying case, removable plugs for the holes and a cleaning rod.

This flute sells new online for $1600.  Asking $1250.

(970) 689-5671

Sell Price: $1,250.00

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