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SOLD- Yamaha Professional Alto Flute YFL A 421 (used) - Gold/Brass Flute w/ Curved Headjoint

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About This Flute:
This professional gold brass flute is representative of the amazing quality that Yamaha offers;  the tone and workmanship are excellent.

-Gold Brass Head, Body and Foot
-Silver Lip Plate
-Silver-Plated Keys
-Drawn Tone Holes
-Key of G
-Curved Headjoint Only (no straight head)

Comes with original hardshell case (excellent used condition), outer carrying case (great functionality, but some markings on it) and a cleaning rod.

A current comparable model new sells for just over $6500.00 on-line. Asking $5100.00 for this one with only the curved headjoint.

This lovely instrument used to belong to a high school.  My trusted tech. has done all the work needed to get it into excellent playing condition: it is beautifully cleaned, adjusted and has received several new pads where needed (~$400 worth of work).  All of the pads are now excellent. and it seals well.  This flute does show a fair amount of surface wear and a few small dings, none of which have any bearing on the playability.  Aesthetically, it is in very good used condition.  

Plays beautifully, just as expected, with a very colorful sound in all registers, eveness of sound and great response!  I loved play-testing this wonderful instrument!
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Sell Price: $4,950.00

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