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SOLD- Haynes 10K Gold Headjoint w/ 14K Gold Lip and Riser (Used) - Excellent!

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This modern Haynes headjoint would pair very nicely with a variety of flutes to add a lovely dimension to the sound.  I play-tested it with the custom handmade Haynes flute found here, and was pleased to find that it added a richness, variety of color, and depth in all ranges.  

-handcut 10K gold headjoint (Piedmont cut)
-14K gold lip and riser
-smaller tenon fits a gold flute, but comes with copper tape around the tenon (removable), and fits several of the flutes that I have here.  It can be adjusted by adding or removing tape for trial.

A wood case (in excellent condition) is included.

It has been well cared-for and is in excellent used condition with few signs of wear.

This headjoint brings difference in color between the silver headjoint that comes with the custom handmade Haynes flute.   Both are fantastic, but each has its own character.

Asking $3750 plus reasonable shipping fee.

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phone: (970) 689-5671

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Sell Price: $3,750.00

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