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SOLD-Powell 14K Aurumite Headjoint - Beautiful!

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Phone: (970) 689-5671
-serial #1286 
-Soloist cut
-sterling silver tubing with 14K gold inner tubing and riser

A protective case is included.

This headjoint is beautiful showing very little signs of use.  There are the normal light scuffs, and one very tiny surface blemish where the lip plate meets the edge of the embouchure hole on the player side (please note the photo below of the embouchure strike wall showing that it is perfect).
The fusion of gold and silver is known for bringing a balance between both clarity and warmth, and adds a nice colorful dimension to a flute.  I personally like having an Aurumite headjoint in my collection for the times that I want a non-standard ear-catching and pleasant sound.
New, this headjoint would be $2400.  Asking $1595 plus reasonable shipping fee.
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phone: (970) 689-5671

Sell Price: $1,595.00

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