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SOLD-Drelinger UpRite Max w/ Platinum Air Reed Headjoint w/ Lots of Accessories!

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This is a beautiful solid silver Drelinger UpRite Headjoint with a platinum air reed.  It can either convert the flute to an upright instrument, or be used in the standard horizontal position (see photos below). The beautifully engraved non-slip Max lip plate (combines the Free-Flo and modern wave features) is designed to reduce wind noise.

This headjoint has the potential to not only produce an incredibly full sound in all registers,  but also many colors, a wide range of dynamics, and fantastic response on quickly tongued passages. 

Comes with many/all original accessories (including instructional video and pamphlets, carrying cases for attachments, demo CDs), and the original case (it also comes with an additional large case that holds can accomodate the headjoint as well as a flute body and foot). 


New, this headjoint with the accessories is well over $5000, and there is a two to three month wait while it is being made.  Asking $3175 for everything. Available now.

Sell Price: $3,175.00

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