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SOLD-Muramatsu EXIII (Used)-Offset G, B foot-Exceptional!

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About This Model:
The Muramatsu EXIII is a professional handmade flute with a sterling silver handcut headjoint, silver clad body, keys and mechanism, gold springs and drawn tone holes.  It employs the same latest lotus pad design, reliable mechanism and quality workmanship of the more expensive silver and gold Muramatsu flutes.  The headjoint is carefully cut and individually matched to the body to enhance intonation and tone.

-Serial #60772
-Manufactured ~ 2008
-Hand cut silver headjoint
-Silver-plated body, foot, keys and mechanism
-B Foot
-Offset G
-Drawn tone holes
-Lotus Pads
-Modern scale
-comes with original Muramatsu slimline case (in excellent used condition), outer padded carrying case, removable plugs for the holes, and a cleaning rod.

This flute is in excellent used condition including the pads. My trusted tech. recently looked it over and did some minor adjustments (it didn't need much done to it as it is in such great shape.  She kept commenting on what a beautiful flute it is).  It looks like it was barely used (no dings, dents or scratches). The EXIII has the latest pad design (lotus) found on the more expensive Muramatsu models (e.g. DS). 

I have just finished a play-test on this flute, and it plays beautifully from the very highest note, to the low B with very even tone. I enjoyed playing the passages that require fast key action so much, that I had a difficult time putting it down!.  The response, flexibility, and light key action are fantastic.  Just as expected from a well-adjusted Muramatsu, the tone on this flute is rich and flexible, with lots of opportunities for color and volume.  The smooth mechanism and quality workmanship make this particular flute very suitable for playing quickly tongued passages with ease.  

A new flute with this configuration would sell for ~$4100.  Asking $3350 plus reasonable shipping fee.

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Sell Price: $3,350.00

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